MNTBIKE trails

mnt bike trails

Bring your adrenaline to the maximum! Test out your descending skills, climbing skills, high speed cornering, and sand riding skills. Enjoy tighter trails in Tyler with just enough room to get your handlebars through at some points. Are you looking for a quick but challenging workout? We have that too – the UT Tyler trail will have even the most advanced riders in an anaerobic state very quickly.

MTN Bike Trails

Faulkner Park

6 miles of twisty single track

The ride begins and ends at the trailhead so you can do multiple laps for a longer ride. There are a few altitude adjustments but it’s short in distance. This is a fast-paced route but caution is needed because of the many turns and twists. This ride heads in a clockwise direction starting with Hoot and Holler (Loop A), before continuing onto Blackberry Patch (Loop B) and Sleeping Giants (Loop C).

Trail conditions are generally dry even after a light rain shower. This trail is normally great for beginner mountain bike riders as it’s not overly technical. For advanced riders this trail will test handling more-so than fitness. 

Lindsey Park Trail

Lindsey Park

the best “flowing” trail in East Texas

This newest trail in the Tyler area is quickly becoming a favorite for many riders. This trail features 15.1 miles of single track and is probably the best flowing trail in East Texas. You can ride most of the trail without ever needing to touch the brakes. The trail is much wider than Faulkner Park, allowing for smoother passing opportunities with other riders. The trail was built wide enough to fit a 4-wheeler, although motorized vehicles are not permitted. This trail will test descending skills, climbing skills, high speed cornering, and sand riding skills.

Trail conditions are generally dry, although, the B Loop tends to hold water longer after a rain storm. There is a cut-through to skip the wet section of the B Loop if it is too wet to ride. The cut through is just before the first field crossing that goes under the power lines. When taking the cut through make sure to go left. Conditions also tend to be sandy in several places including some tight corners. Take caution on the 35mph downhill as there is sometimes sand at the bottom just at the fastest point of the descent. 

Tyler State Park trails

Tyler State Park

The classic

Highly regarded as one of the best and toughest trails in Texas. This trail is 10 miles of single track that throws everything at you. There is sand, rocks, roots, technical climbs, crazy descents, and tricky switchbacks. Bring your A game when you ride here. The A and B loops are manageable for most riders. The C and D loops are still manageable for new riders but may require some walking in a few locations. Not much to say about this one other than give it a shot. Tires recommended Winter and Summer: Specialized Fast Track or Specialized Ground Control, one thing to focus on with tires here is to be mindful of your tire’s sidewalls while riding. The rocks can cut a sidewall fairly easily here.  

UT Tyler trail

UT Tyler

Fast & Furious

This trail features short, punchy climbs and tight turns interspersed with the disc golf course, marked with small white arrows. There are two small pump tracks built into the trail, two challenging switchback climbs dropping into bermed turns behind the baseball field, a teeter-totter, balance beam, jump, and small optional drop-in. 

Trail conditions typically favor a tire like the Specialized Ground Control or the Specialized Fast Track.

Best parking is in the lot on Lake Drive.

Mineola Nature Preserve

Mineola Nature Preserve

Great variety of trails and terrain

Start on the Gear Trail doubletrack, then merge onto the Wheel Trail (doubletrack). Take a sharp U-turn onto the Mineola Nature Preserve Roller Trail (E Trail), then at the top of the Roller Trail, take another sharp U-turn onto the Mineola Nature Preserve Rim Trail

When ascending the doubletrack at the end of the Rim Trail, turn left onto the Beginner Trail (A Trail), then another left onto an unmarked, unnamed doubletrack which loops through pleasant scenery and old growth trees before rejoining the Zeppa Well Trail. Turn right onto this trail to return to the Mineola Nature Preserve Beginner Trail, and make a hard left turn onto the singletrack. Follow the Beginner Trail (A Trail) around back to the trailhead.