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Elite Bicycles is the go-to shop of East Texas for the most diverse selection of bicycles and accessories, experienced and well rounded staff, and best service department. Our team will research and help you choose the best bike that fits your needs.

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We have a full service department, and we work on every type of bicycle no matter the brand. Bring your bike by the shop and we’ll do a free full evaluation of your bike to let you know what needs to be done. We also specialize in custom wheel and bicycle builds. Build your bike or wheel to YOUR liking! Don’t see what you want? Just ask and we’ll make it happen!

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Aristeo Rodriguez - Elite Bicycles Manager

Aristeo Rodriguez


Colton Woodruff - Elite Bicycles Mechanic

Colton Woodruff


Lynnette Wood - Elite Bicycle Volunteer

Lynnette Wood





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Spring Tune Up Special

Tune Up

Is it that time? We will adjust your brakes, shifting, bearings, clean your drivetrain and your bike, lubricate all your cables & chain.

Gear up for the rides!


Front & Rear Lights | Pump or C02 source | Tire Levers | Spare Tube | Eye protection | Gloves | Riding shorts and top | Floor pump



If your aim is having fun, riding fast, and hitting every tight corner and jump in sight, come see our bikes!