Elite Bicycles

Are you looking to get involved in a riding community? See what they have to offer? Look no more. Checkout the local, state, and nationwide bicycle organizations.

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Tyler Bicycle Club

Local bicycle club

East Texas Triathletes

Local triathlon club.

Fly Tri Racing

Coaching beginners to elite runners / triathletes.


Dallas Offroad Bicycle Association – DFW


Texas Bicycle Racing Association

USA Cycling

USA’s governing body

Texas NICA

Texas NICA league – youth mountain bike racing


USA’s governing body for multisport


Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association

video resources

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Spring Tune Up Special

Tune Up

Is it that time? We will adjust your brakes, shifting, bearings, clean your drivetrain and your bike, lubricate all your cables & chain.

Gear up for the rides!


Front & Rear Lights | Pump or C02 source | Tire Levers | Spare Tube | Eye protection | Gloves | Riding shorts and top | Floor pump



If your aim is having fun, riding fast, and hitting every tight corner and jump in sight, come see our bikes!