Elite Bicycles is the go-to shop of East Texas for the most diverse selection of bicycles and accessories, experienced and well rounded staff, and best service department.

Purchasing Bikes Online

The Benefits Package of purchasing your bikes online! 

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Bike arrives sooner

When purchasing online, your bike will be delivered at the Elite Shop sooner than when purchased in our store.

1-year service warranty

When purchasing the bike in the store, there is a 90 days service warranty. Take advantage of the 1-year service warranty when purchasing your bike online!!

Free tune-up at 6 months

Enjoy our FREE tune-up at 6 months when you purchase the bike online!

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El Camino

105 gravel race | September 28 | 6:00 a.m. | palestine, tx

Push yourself to the edge. When you're ready.

Outdoor activities

Insiders know that spring and summer are the best times to ride their bikes and enjoy nature. With unlimited sunshine, great (hot) Texas conditions, and plenty of friendly people, this is the perfect time to get the bike out and start riding.


about us

When we say most diverse selection we mean it. Specialized, Kona, Felt, Niner, Yeti, Redline, 2 Hip, S&M, and Free Agent just to name a few. We all are very well rounded with experience in triathlons, road racing & crit racing, mountain bike racing, endurance gravel grinders, BMX and freestyle, and of course the ever so refreshing plain riding a bike to enjoy a beautiful day. Our service department is the most capable in Texas. We can fix anything from $15k race bikes to $50 Huffys. We work on every bicycle like they are our own and it reflects in our work. We encourage anyone to bring their bike by any time for a free assessment.

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Spring Tune Up Special

Tune Up

Is it that time? We will adjust your brakes, shifting, bearings, clean your drivetrain and your bike, lubricate all your cables & chain.

Gear up for the rides!


Front & Rear Lights | Pump or C02 source | Tire Levers | Spare Tube | Eye protection | Gloves | Riding shorts and top | Floor pump



If your aim is having fun, riding fast, and hitting every tight corner and jump in sight, come see our bikes!